Chill Out Festival 2018

What a weekend it was!

The 21st Chillout Festival has now been and gone, but the fun times & memories will live on, and i’m sure will be a topic of conversation in our salon for months to come!

The weather put on a show, and i may of even got a little sun burnt watching the parade, but it was all worth it. The best part about this country town festival is everyone is happy, there may of been a few happy drunks, but it’s all in good fun.

Our rainbow hair and glitter was a big hit & no doubt next year the rainbow and glitter will return, in beards, mohawks, on faces, in braids and maybe next year on chest hair!

There were so many events in town like bush dancing, pool parties, Kylie tribute shows and even bingo! 

Next year will be even better i’m sure, and hey we might even plan our own event in our salon and have a party too!

Until next year, may your rainbows and glitter hair live on, and glitter still being cleaned in our salon for months to come! lol


Elise x