Our Salon

Are we your tribe?

We are the kind of salon that you enter as a stranger, and feel like you have made a life long friend when you leave!

We serve fancy coffee from a machine with some froth, or maybe even a champagne or beer perhaps?

You will find super comfy reclining MASSAGE basins, and we have logs from the Wombat State Forest for foot rests too (everyone needs a bit of grounding)!

We do our thing with heart, our vibe is crazy but caring, loving and fun, we don’t take our selves too seriously and take the time to serve you, so you don’t feel like you’re rushed out so we can move onto the next client…

You enter feeling the love and leave feeling heard, validated and with a skip in your step.

You get your tank filled up with us, you can off load and feel safe, then walk out feeling like the QUEEN you truly are.

Sounds like we need to meet then…

Can’t wait to see you soon HBR TEAM xx

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